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Muslim kids in the slums do not go to the school,

neither their parents are capable of sending them.

A hand-to-mouth economy is engineered;

Muslims in Bengal and Gujarat are in perils.


Not just there that Muslims suffer in India,

but do not think that it is a handiwork of Hindutva alone.

Ruling for almost forty years, the communists in Bengal

have orchestrated Muslims into ghettos and slums.


The politicians and imams have long played patrons,

of the votes these poor Muslims can serve them.

And also of authority’s hands have they laid

to keep these Muslims in their hapless sitch.


Before we think of Hindutva, Left and Congress,

we need to weed out these parasites among us.

Like leeches they suck our blood, and ooze our mettle

Like caged birds we are, they feed us crumbs.


Don’t we need a future, where we colour our scape,

masters we become of our destinies, of our tomorrows?

Then think of your hapless brethren, not as victims,

but as seeds we sow to make million flowers bloom.

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